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"Grief is a journey, a passing through on the road of life, 

not a place to set up residence."

Coach Brenda's Intro

Meet Grief Coach Brenda Doerfler

Since 2012 Brenda has been comforting, supporting and educating men and women about their very personal and unique grieving processes.

Brenda acknowledges all grieving  experiences; no one has to die for you to grieve. We grieve relationships, separations, health conditions, career changes, loss of income, loss of status, and of course the death of a loved one; including an unborn child or stillbirth. Grief takes an unhealthy toll on the body and brain causing overwhelming emotions and stress. Her keen awareness of life losses and expert understanding of life transitions, from her own life tragedies, enables her to provide a unique coaching experience for her clients. 

She lovingly and gently leads her clients into an educational transformation providing the grieving individual exceptional self-awareness and knowledge for insight into their own healing benefits that are awakened during the coaching sessions. Her prayerful and positive influence guide her clients toward healthy transformation and life changing perspectives, and a repositioned identity after a life tragedy.

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Coach Brenda's Qualifications


Founder of Grief Comfort Inc. a 501 (c)(3)  Nonprofit Providing Free Community Grief Support Since 2012

A Civic Volunteer with 17,000 Hours Donated - Successfully Helping Men & Women Grieve Healthy

Accomplished Adult Grief Support Group Facilitator & Curriculum Designer / Program Developer

Grief Educator & Speaker in Corporate America for Employers & Employees

Former University Director & College Curriculum Writer & Professor

Master of Science in Adult & Continuing Education

Bachelor's in Management & Human Relations

Associate Degree in Business Administration

Public Speaker on the Topic of Grief

Topics of Interest:

  • How We Learn and Grow in Grief
  • Misunderstandings About Grief 
  • Grief in the Workplace
  • Grief in the Home

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